My bold drawing style lends itself to vector art, and a digital workflow is best for my clients, who often need art that is scalable and easily modified for use in color or in black and white.

I like to kick off a project with a phone call so we can sort out the initial details quickly and see where the conversation takes us.


I will need to know:

  • The illustration and/or design needs (subject matter, style, number of images)
  • Size and file format specifications for the artwork
  • What business entity(ies) will be using and paying for the artwork
  • The deadline

With this information I can create a project-based estimate and a timeline to guide us through production.

I break production into several checkpoints for client review and ask that all decision-makers be involved in each step. This keeps me aligned with the clients’ expectations and avoids late-stage revisions and delays.


My typical workflow looks like this:

  • Concept sketches
  • Refined sketches
  • Proposed color palette if needed
  • Digital line art
  • Refined digital line art
  • Color added to digital line art if needed